[PhaaS] Phishing as a Service / Фишинг как услуга


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You get LOGIN, PASSWORD, COOKIES and more info about user

Мы можем помочь вам повысить устойчивость к фишинговым атакам. Фишинг как услуга (PhaaS) - это программа повышения осведомленности о безопасности для всех сотрудников организации.

Наши симуляции фишинга поддерживаются программной платформой собственной разработки. В частности, наше бэкэнд-приложение предлагает полный набор функций, необходимых для проведения фишинговых кампаний:

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We can help you improve your resilience against phishing attacks. Phishing as a Service (PhaaS) is a security awareness program for all employees of the organization.

Our phishing simulations are supported by an in-house developed software platform. In particular, our backend application offers the full set of functionalities required to conduct phishing campaigns:

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+ Services:
- facebook.com 10/20/30 days = 150/300/400$

- dropbox.com 10/20/30 days = 150/300/400$

- github.com 10/20/30 days = 150/300/400$

- amazon.com 10/20/30 days = 150/300/400$
- instagram 10/20/30 days = 150/300/400$

- icloud.com 10/20/30 days = 150/300/400$
- linkedin 10/20/30 days = 150/300/400$
- microsoft 10/20/30 days = 150/300/400$ (office,hotmail,skype) !important only internal corp logins.
- twitter 10/20/30 days = 150/300/400$
- yandex.ru 10/20/30 days = 150/300/400$
- wordpress.com 10/20/30 days = 150/300/400$

- poloniex.com 10/20/30 days = 350/700/1000$

- skrill.com 10/20/30 days = 350/700/1000$

+ Protection

- Inspection blocking: Protects against security crawlers and bots searching for phishing sites
- GEO Filtering
- Filter by Referrer Header

+ Information:
- Screenshots
- Advanced Session info (You get LOGIN, PASSWORD, COOKIES and more info about user)
- Time Line Events

+ Extra:
- query params passthrough (example: ?login=[email protected]&hl=en)
- proxy manager.
- domain manager.
- Telegram Notifications
- API (build own tools with)

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Contact us:
forum: https://exploitinqx4sjro.onion/profile/106879/
telegram: https://t.me/obslb


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Running this software against websites without prior mutual consent may be illegal in your country. This software can be used in legitimate penetration tests or research only. We accept no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by software or for any actions taken by users that are using our software.